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Colour Chart

Colour Chart

It is best to stand in natural light to select your own colour. Using a mirror look at where you are going to used 3D Hair. Colours on a computer screen are only a guide and cannot represent the true colours as different monitors will show different colours. We recommend going for a darker shade if you are not sure. If you receive your 3D Hair and you think it is the wrong colour. Do not worry. We will always exchange to a different colour for you.

It is possible to mix two colours. Apply the darker shade of 3D Hair first to cover the area you need and gently pat the fibres in your hair to disperse the product. Then apply the lighter shade of 3D Hair and pat down where you have applied the lighter shade. If you need more then just repeat in the areas you need it most.

3D Hair easily and quickly cover greying roots or roots from colour treated hair.

3D Hair offer a repalcemnt or full refund. Simply send the item back to 3D Hair and we will offer a repalcemnt or a full refund. No questions asked.

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