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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews


Finally, a product that really works for people with thinning hair. I use this every morning after I come out of the shower. The results are fantastic and one 35g Bottle lasts me over 4 weeks using it every day. A great confidence booster, fantastic, highly recommended It has literally changed my life and given me my confidence back.

Nicola Caruna.  – Stoke on Trent


Using this product has given me back my confidence, I suffer from androgenic alopecia…But as soon as I sprinkle it on my bald patched disappear and my hair looks extra thick….would never be without it!! It looks totally natural. worth every penny. If you are half as happy as me I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

L. M. – Surry


My bald patch WAS on the crown of my head. But after applying this product it has effectively gone (for the day). I wish I could show a before and after to emphasise how effective this product is. you sprinkle the stuff on the bald(ing) patch and tap it down. My workmates and family cannot believe how effective it is.

Peter T -Brighton